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About Us

We are a team of like-minded individuals united in our mission for social change. With over 40 active members, our Macquarie University team is just one of the many across 36 countries worldwide.

Enactus is an international nonprofit organisation that brings together a community of student, academic and business leaders. As part of Enactus, our Macquarie team inspires fellow university students to improve the world through our student-led enterprises. All of us are passionate about a range of issues, constantly striving to innovate and impact the world around us.

We recruit our own team members, set up our own roles and responsibilities, decide our own projects, implement them in the community and finally each year present them to panels of industry judges from businesses around Australia.

Our Values 


Despite mistakes, set backs and challenges we persevere because we love what we do.


Unafraid to embrace failure, we  challenge convention, test new ideas and achieve sustainable impact. 


We believe in listening to the community and each other, harnessing our strengths to build an action plan tailored specifically to those in need. 


We stand united in our values with partnerships and communication built on trust and understanding. 

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Get in touch with us

Interested in joining EnactusMQ? Have an idea for a sustainable project?

We'd love to hear from you!

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