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Incubation program

enACTIVATE is a social impact incubator focused on empowering university students who are interested in creating social change.


Offered by Enactus Macquarie, it supports students in leading sustainable social ventures in areas they are passionate about.


enACTIVATE brings together different disciplines and provides access to a diverse network, offering a comprehensive ‘one-stop’ resource. Through a unique approach which prioritises participants, enACTIVATE makes social change and entrepreneurship accessible for students, no matter who they are.

A comprehensive program teaching design-thinking processes and business skills, while requiring participants to engage with stakeholders to create real-world solutions to their chosen social issue.

Designed by Enactus Macquarie under the guidance of Dr Lars Groeger, Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University and expert in design thinking methodologies.

Structured 4-week internship program

Students from any discipline will address real social issues, pushing participants to understand the needs in their chosen field, design, ideate, prototype and test solutions until they are content with their ability to create change.


This internship is not about photocopying or doing admin tasks for 8 hours – it is about learning and putting your skills to use to create a real-world solution.

Meaningful experience for students

Focusing on your ideas for social change, we provide personalised mentorship as well as access to networks, resources and funding, developing your idea into a sustainable social enterprise.


Those who may support you throughout the internship include founders of social enterprises, not-for-profits and businesses, lecturers at Macquarie University and industry experts.

Personalised Mentorship

Upon completion, you will not only have made significant progress in building a social enterprise, but also demonstrated desirable skills and gained invaluable experience for your career. 


You will be congratulated with a certificate recognising your achievements during the internship, which you can showcase on LinkedIn and your CV.

Acknowledgement oF Completion

Upon completion, participants may be invited to be part of the Enactus portfolio, joining a range of social enterprises tackling different social issues.

Otherwise, participants may go on to establish their enterprises independently, or take the transferable skills and experience gained to other work and social change.

Opportunity to join the ENactus MQ portfolio

About the program

Our February 2021 Summer Internship will enable you to create impact as individuals or teams, encouraging you to collaborate with like-minded students and industry experts in a series of workshops, activities and discussions. It is entry-level and requires no background in business to apply.

The internship will span the month of February, giving you a great opportunity to use your summer holidays to kickstart your impact career.

  • On-campus session 1 - Saturday 06/02/2021

  • On-campus session 2 - Saturday 13/02/2021

  • On-campus session 3 - Saturday 20/02/2021

  • On-campus session 4 - Saturday 27/02/2021

Applications close January 19th.

A sneak peek of the design-thinking process...

enActivate Diagram.png

"I have doubts..."

"I don't think I can make a difference."

"People will judge me for speaking up on these issues."

"There's no guarantee my idea will work out."

"I'm not a leader or the type of person to do this."

"I don't think I can commit."

"I don't feel selfless enough."

"Where could I find the funds and resources to even start?"

"The issue is too large and I'm only one person."

These are paraphrased responses from our survey that looked into attitudes around making social impact. Very honest—and relatable. Many of us at Enactus MQ have had the same thoughts (and still do). It's a natural part of the process, one you will come to know through enACTIVATE.

We will organise a discussion with as many applicants as possible. As positions are limited and applications will be assessed on a rolling basis, apply soon!

For enquiries, contact the VP of Incubation @


“It’s difficult at times but I don’t think it’s deterring in any way. I think failure is a big part of running a social enterprise, because through the failures you learn and make more and more impact.”

— Luhith Jayanetty, Co-Enterprise Leader of PeerLink

Applications have NOW closed

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