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Women's Creative Hub


Gen R-Ed

Women's Creative Hub: Communications and Marketing Member

No. of Positions: 1


To improve the scalability and sustainability of the Women’s Creative Hub by generating opportunities for the women and interacting with various stakeholders.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Managing the image of the hub across platforms: Facebook, website and Instagram

  • Require occasional attendance at the Hub to understand the beneficiaries and to gather content

  • Creating graphics for marketing materials

  • Responding to enquiries that come from social media platforms

  • Liaising with other Enactus teams, particularly the marketing team

  • Looking for and implementing innovative ways that we can improve the brand

  • Contacting the wider media to gain media attention for our project e.g. newsletters, newspapers, blogs, social media, etc.

  • Contacting councils and governments to gain awareness of the Hub and to invite council and government members/officials to attend our events (Alongside external relations member)

Skills & Competencies:

  • Communication

    • High level of oral and written communication skills

    • Uses communication skills to clearly and confidently deliver information to a variety of audiences

  • Teamwork

    • Demonstrates optimism, respect for others and the ability to work well in a team and across functions

  • Interest in social justice

    • An understanding or a willingness to learn of social justice issues for women

Programs & Technologies Used:

  • Social Media (FB, Instagram)

  • Canva

  • Wix

  • Photoshop

  • Etsy

PeerLink: Communication Officer

No. of Positions: 2


Member who is passionate about creating a better space for university students that are struggling with stress and anxiety.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Meeting with key stakeholders

  • Pitching PeerLink to prospective partners

  • Attending weekly meetings

  • Running PeerLink implementation

  • Liaising with valuable partners

Skills & Competencies:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (mostly email)

  • Ability to establish and nurture beneficial business relationships

  • Self-motivated with a willingness to take initiative and solve complex problems

  • Capability to negotiate with others

  • Confident in your ability to meet with stakeholders face-to-face or over digital mediums

Programs & Technologies Used:

  • Email

  • Google Docs

  • Trello

  • Zoom

Gen R-Ed: General Member

No. of Positions: 2


Our mission is to reduce the educational disadvantage experienced by students in regional northwest NSW communities. Gen R-Ed facilitates the operation of a night school, which provides a secondary education platform for rural students who are disconnected from the current day school system.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Sourcing and securing effective partnerships and sponsorships to grow the project

  • Maintaining relationships and communication with existing partners and stakeholders

  • Researching, brainstorming and testing models to enhance the sustainability of the school

  • Liaising with other Enactus teams, including Treasury and Marketing to further develop the project

  • Defining and analysing key metrics to assess the current and potential future impact of the project

Skills & Competencies:

  • Passionate about rural education

  • Growth-minded, go-getters and focused

  • Critical, strategic and innovative thinkers

  • Flexible and willing to try new things

Programs & Technologies Used:

  • Google Drive (Sheets, Docs)