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Teamwork makes the dreamwork. At Enactus Macquarie, we rely on the amazing work of our passionate, dedicated members. Whether you're a business-savvy guru or simply someone looking to make an impact in the world, you have a place in our organisation.

Joining Enactus Macquarie opens you to a world of opportunities, including personal development, work experience, networking and the chance to contribute to a bigger purpose.


Not everyone who joins will be confident or knowledgeable in entrepreneurial matters, but they always come away with a new perspective on the world.

"I remember seeing all the advertisements about it but you really don’t understand until you’re in it! Everyone here is so passionate about something positive, and it makes me feel happy and warm every time I’m here."


—Thuy, Co-Enterprise Leader of Culture Pod



Be actively involved in the society with a specific role.



  • Full-time commitment of minimum 5-6 hours

  • Designated role with specific title, responsibilities and duties

  • Members are locked in that role unless they transfer to different one

  • Access to the Enactus MQ network (workshops, networking events, socials)

  • Be part of a diverse community of like-minded students interested in making an impact

There are two types of Active membership:​


Operations Member: for the Executive Team or Operations Team that oversee the broader Enactus MQ organisation.

Enterprise Member: for one of the student-led enterprises in the Enactus MQ portfolio, which have their own leadership and operations roles.

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