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New Project

Enactus MQ has been working hard to adapt to our new working environment and provide support to those affected by COVID-19. As a result, we have something very exciting to share...

Introducing our new project: IMMUNITEE ✨😷

Immunitee is our way of sharing support during these uncertain times to those who may need a little extra help. In collaboration with Enactus City University of Seattle we save preloved clothes and material from ending up in landfill, and instead transform them into a layer of protection: a mask!

Our DIY masks will be distributed to initiatives across NSW, delivering them to disadvantaged community to keep them safe. But to do this, we need YOUR help! You can help by:

• Donating any cotton material/clothes • Contributing your sewing skills to making masks • Following our work!

We are very excited to contribute to this cause and any help is appreciated! For more information, please visit:

Stay safe out there 😊 (and wash your hands)

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