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What We Are Up To?


As we continue adapting to our new environment, our projects teams are working hard to ensure they are accomplishing their mission! With the transition to online platforms, our projects teams have been busy brainstorming, testing and launching new online initiatives to continue progress. Not only is innovation running through our veins stronger than ever, but we have been so inspired that we developed a brand new project!

Check out our project updates below to see what Enactus Macquarie is up to, the announcement of our new project and how you can get involved! 


We have started a new project in collaboration with our friends from Enactus City University of Seattle as a response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Called ‘Immunitee’, we aim to unite the community to give a helping hand to the vulnerable populations in need. We’ve successfully collected donated cotton fabric and shirts to create face masks, which not only reduces the amount of material wastage, but also alleviates the stress and demand on medical PPE. Although not as effective as medical grade masks, our dual-layer mask has an inbuilt pocket for users to insert a filter for extra protection if they wish to.

We are currently in discussion with multiple charitable organisations on the logistics for distribution to the vulnerable communities. As a student group, our members have successfully made over 170 masks featuring different designs, not only offering protection but also providing character. We were also honoured to have been featured on Channel 7’s News!

If you were interested in donating or helping out the project, please visit our website at See below our Vice President Internals, Michelle Sun, delivering our first batch of masks today, freshly-washed and sanitised, ready for use!

                                OUR PROJECT

Our team is currently organising the delivery of education under the current COVID-19 measures, and planning for when restrictions are eased in future. Under these current measures, NYEC will be assisting with pick-up and delivery of school work and resources, including stationery. We will also be offering one-on-one and online tutoring for kids facing difficulty with school work. Once these restrictions are eased and small public gatherings are allowed, NYEC will be organising small group gatherings to facilitate educational and vocational activities.  The NYEC team are working hard to adapt to the current changes to schooling systems to best assist our students in receiving education. With transitions to online platforms, NYEC is developing new ways to continue interactions with students. 

Visit our website for more information:

With everything that’s been going on in the world, we at Peerlink understand the challenge of moving to online classes on top of balancing the uncertainty of everything that’s going on. With this in mind, Peerlink has created the Peerlink Chill Zone! We’ll be running weekly zoom calls that will give you the chance to destress and rest your mind through socialising and fun activities! If you want to talk about something other than uni work and COVID-19, the Peerlink Chill Zone can be a safe space to relax. Follow our Facebook page to find out when we will run our events - our next event is THIS THURSDAY at 5-6pm!

Visit our website for more information:

The recent events regarding COVID-19 have led to the temporary closure of the hub and has impacted the livelihood and income of the refugee and asylum seekers at the hub. In order to help them through this tough time period, we have started a donation campaign where all funds raised will provide support for these women through the form of transport vouchers, household necessities and kitchen supplies. Please refer to the following link for more information about the campaign: We are also hoping to assist the women through initiatives such as homework help for their children, online cooking classes and social zoom calls which will allow them to maintain their social connection to one another.

Visit our websites for more information:  WCH: ALS: