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Roanne Gonzales


Priya Rajesh


Enactus has given me the confidence to dream big while providing the skills and opportunities to turn them into reality.

With a head for business and heart for the world, our team is united by our mission to create sustainable change. Regardless of what team or degree you are in Enactus will reshape your perspective of the world and yourself, and I encourage everyone to join.

Over my two years within Enactus, I have been able to meet like-minded individuals who have inspired me with their perseverance, growth, and passion. As President, I am fortunate to lead such a talented and motivated team and I’m excited for the impact we will make together.

I joined Enactus Macquarie in my first semester of university drawn to the familiarity of volunteering and leadership. Only to learn that Enactus represents more than just a student society but a global organisation initiating social change.

I am grateful to be able to witness the direct impact on both individuals and the wider community. Enactus has made me value the process of listening, sharing and actively supporting a cause I am passionate about. When starting this entrepreneurial journey, I didn’t expect to learn and grow as professionally and socially as I have.

Enactus has reshaped my outlook on finding value in everyone and every idea, that I can’t picture an end to this eye-opening journey.

Michelle Sun


Growing up, I have always believed things such as access to education and safety were fundamental rights entitled to everyone. However, I have realised that many even across Australia did not have the same privilege.

Joining Enactus has not only provided me the opportunity to deliver social impact but has also given me an amazing network of friends and professionals who are united in our common vision. Enactus has also taught me many collaborative and leadership skills, as well as passion and ambition.

As Vice President of Internals, I am excited to work with a team of driven and like-minded individuals to initiate social change and bring a brighter future for us all.

Jayden Whaites


My time in Enactus Macquarie has given me the privilege of engaging with a wide range of people that share one single goal, creating beneficial social change in our communities.

Regardless of whether you are a member of a project or an internals team, Enactus provides a path of learning, opportunity and impact that will stay with you well beyond your time at university.


My time with Enactus Macquarie has allowed me to develop skills and passions which I never thought I would have. Whether it be presenting budgets or leader a team, Enactus has provided me with opportunity well beyond the scope of my university degree.

Piumi Arachchige


Joining Enactus over a year ago, exposed me to the harsh realities of our society, showing me that our responsibilities go beyond the little bubble we live in, and really, go beyond to helping our community and our people in need.


Marketing provided me the platform to collaborate with others to transform our society for better, working together to address important social issues. Since the beginning, I was inspired and dedicated to help our community in any way. It is with this passion that I developed my knowledge and skills, not just in marketing, but across all areas, allowing me to grow professionally and as a person. 

Enactus has provided me with opportunities and experiences in university that cemented my passions in pursuit of my career endeavours, all whilst giving back to the community in the process. 

Lauren Truong


Ever since high school I was so excited to go to university just so I could join Enactus, from listening to  my sisters experiences I knew that it was an organisation I wanted to be a part of.


From day one, Enactus has taught me so much about myself and about others, I have met an amazing bunch of people whom I can call life-long friends  and the feeling that I get from being part of this family is so rare to come by.


My goal is to makes sure that every single member feels the same way I do, I want them to enjoy and learn from their experience as much as I know I have.

Rhea Bhargava


Joining Enactus has been one of the best decisions I have made during my years at University. From being a person that was terrified to speak in front a group of people to representing Enactus Macquarie at our National competition, its safe to say Enactus has pushed me to become a more confident person.


Enactus has shown me that resilience, perseverance and taking failure in your stride is the only way success is achieved. Now as we work towards our goals in the future, I hope our passion for social impact is more apparent as ever as we aim to amalgamate our mind for business and the want to to help our community.

James Pham


I joined Enactus in August 2018 and it was the best decision I have ever made. I grew tired of simply studying, I wanted to make an impact on this world, and the people that live in it.


Being a part of Enactus, I was provided with a safe space where I can make mistakes and grow both personally and professionally. In my journey, I was fortunate enough to have come across some of the most passionate, motivated, and inspirational people I have ever met.


With the experience I have gained from Enactus, I hope to one day create my own business where I can change the world and leave it better than the way I found it.

Qing Zhong


I joined Enactus in 2018 because I wanted to feel like I was making a difference. I wanted to look back on my university experience and be proud of the things I achieved. Since then, I have gained so much more than I ever expected.


Enactus has given me the courage and skills to see opportunity, spark innovation, and create change in what I believe in. It has shown me that even if we fail in doing something ambitious, we will succeed in doing something important. However, the most important thing that Enactus has given me, is a family. Each member truly embodies the integrity and passion that Enactus is built on. To have witnessed them strive for global change with such unyielding dedication is inspiring. Without a doubt, I am constantly in awe of the things that we have, and will, achieve together.

Mayoorie Selvam



I first joined Enactus as I had previous experience in volunteering and wanted to continue making a social impact. This also aligned with my field of study (Law/Commerce).


Since joining Enactus, I have been a HR Member and a Project Leader of the Women’s Creative Hub. Through both roles I have gained knowledge and invaluable leadership skills. I’ve also had the opportunities to network which has led to  meeting amazing people in both a social and professional environment.

Ranuli Athauda



I joined Enactus 2 years ago, and it has been one of my most rewarding University experiences to date. I quickly realised, that Enactus was an organisation that valued social change.


As a project leader for WCH, I can see the impact made to the community. It has shaped my skills to grow professionally and personally, whilst meeting passionate like-minded individuals.


Enactus has shaped my outlook and has been an eye-opening journey so far. I am excited to see where this next year takes us!

Ilakkiya Ie


I joined Enactus because I saw the potential of working with others to build a sustainable project that solves social issues.


Enactus has enabled me to contribute to the development of a robust and immensely rewarding program, as well as demonstrate and develop critical thinking, project management and leadership skills. I have learnt the importance of effective communication and genuine connection in achieving meaningful social impact.


I am eager to work with a diverse team towards our unique vision for Gen R-Ed, and to enable others to actualise a passion for social change.

Jack Thomson


I joined Enactus because its new project, Gen R-Ed, was directly targeting students in similar rural areas to those I am involved in mission work with. It has been an incredible experience to be involved in the progression of this project so far, and I am so excited by its potential to create meaningful change in communities which are trapped in an ongoing poverty cycle.


Outside of the project itself, Enactus has given me so much more than I originally expected. Having been a Speaker at Nationals this year, my presentation skills and ability to answer critical questions under pressure have improved exponentially. However, the single greatest gain from Enactus for me has been the people I have met.


Enactus is one of the rare bodies that brings together people of similar values and the drive to make a real difference. As a result, I have developed strong friendships which I’m sure will endure long after our time in Enactus.

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